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After years of incredible adventure, we came to enjoy moose hunting here so much that in 2008, we bought Sandy Pond Outfitters ourselves!

While continuing to stay active here as avid moose hunters, we also offer this experience to a limited number of guests who will surely appreciate the thrilling adventure and boundless nature as we do.

Sandy Pond has offered a tremendous experience for moose hunting for decades, with its abundance of big game and spectacular pure wilderness landscapes.

While no big game operator can guarantee 100 percent success, this camp in the heart of world famous Newfoundland moose hunting territory has exceeded a 95 percent success ratio for many years.

Our intention is to take substantially all bulls while limiting the number of annual hunts to maintain the standards we would expect as experienced hunters. Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience through a comfortable stay, a successful hunt and exceptional service from our staff.

Happy Hunting!

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Sandy Pond Outfitters
Sandy Pond, Newfoundland

Call: 902 880-3115 Chris Marchand

Mailing Address:
1798 Sackville Drive,
Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3B3


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